After analyzing more than 50,000 business, it was found that companies with a Value Builder Score of 80 or more received offers that were 71% higher than the average business.

Why Should You Do the Value Builder Program?

To increase your score!  You’ll discover the attributes in your business that are incredibly valuable to a strategic buyer. You’ll learn to look at your company through the lens of an acquirer.  This means you will know what to highlight to prospective buyers that will help you get the highest offers and make the most money when you sell.

There are silent killers in many businesses that take down the multiples a buyer will pay for it!  

Going through the program will help you identify these Killers and make improvements before putting it on the market.   This will help you get the maximum sale price for your business.

You may only get one chance to sell your company.

The Value Builder System gives you the ability to practice selling your company and know the issues in advance.  This gives you, the seller, leverage in getting the highest multiple possible.

Research has shown that there is a linear relationship between improving the eight Value Builder drivers and the value of your company.

A Bonus?

After going through the program, you may find that the results are so successful and appealing, that you no longer wish to sell as early as you thought because your company is more enjoyable to run.

How Will Your Business Score?

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