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Do you dream of selling your business,
yet don’t know where to start?

My name is Kathy Shannon
like to introduce you to

Have you ever considered how incredible it would be to cash out of your business sometime in the future, with plenty of money in your pocket and peace of mind?

Most owners don’t have the slightest notion of how or where to begin selling their business.  After all, they are extremely busy, and they recognize a huge number of things can go wrong.

That’s why I created

It places a spotlight on several key aspects of a business sale and, offers advice on how to make the most money possible.

TIPS FOR SELLING A BUSINESS is a series of monthly interviews which I conduct with business owners and associated professionals. You can hear them share their personal experience of selling their specific enterprises.

After listening to them,
you’ll be armed with tried and true strategies
that can be executed by typical business owners like you and me!

All the sellers and professionals faced obstacles. You’ll learn how they overcame them so that you can use the information to avoid costly mistakes.

In these interviews, every owner is asked to share the one, best piece of advice they have.

Each of their responses will help you navigate the road to a well-planned and profitable sale.

You’ll hear them speak candidly about such things as:

  1. Their biggest surprise during the sales process
  2. What they would be sure and do again
  3. What they would never do again

You’ll get this eye-opening material in a fast and easy way.

1. You’ll have audio recordings, so you can listen in the privacy of your office, home or car.
2. You’ll get a written transcript of the recording, so you can refer back to the material at any time.
3. You’ll receive a list of Key Points in an Executive Summary so you’ll be able to skim quickly when needed.

All of these are included in
your monthly subscription.

As a Bonus, I’ll send extra ideas to you every so often to give you more information… valuable ideas for selling your business profitably.

Just envision the exhilaration of cashing out after putting in years of hard work building and running your company.

Helps You Do That!

Why should you listen to these interviews?  Because you’ll get insight into various aspects of selling a business that could easily be overlooked.

For instance, let’s take the role of an accountant in this process.  You want one who has experience in numerous business sale transactions … as opposed to one who just works on tax returns.

You absolutely want to hear what the Transaction Specialist, Paula (a Certified Public Accountant) has to say.

In another interview, you will hear Mike who discusses his involvement in the sale of a family business.

While selling to a family member is tricky with its own complications, you’ll gain valuable insight from his story, applicable to all … such as important do’s and don’ts.

Then there is Karen, a bar-restaurant owner, who faced incredible complications in selling her business because of clauses in her lease. You’ll discover the specific strategies she used to work through these potential deal-killers.

More interviews cover things such as…

  • Seller financing in case you want to minimize taxes

  •  Structuring a non-compete agreement so that you can work after the sale (if you need to or want to)

  • How to spot the expertise you need in a lawyer when you are selling a business

TIPS FOR SELLING A BUSINESS is not a step by step process to sell your enterprise. This is because each business sale is different. However, there are common pitfalls.

You can benefit from the great tactics
that are revealed on how to overcome
these pitfalls or avoid them altogether!

Why am I the one to bring you these interviews?

I am a baby boomer who has founded three small businesses in 17 years and sold all three, very profitably – each being a very different type of transaction.

Yet looking back, I know that I would have benefitted greatly from the concise, practical information that I’m providing to you.

“If only I had these strategic tips before
I sold my first company!”

You will get the advantage that I never had. There’s a lot of competition for finding buyers out there.  You’ll want to be as knowledgeable and prepared as you can to optimize your investment.

1.5 Million Small Businesses are for Sale …
Competing for a Buyer, At Any Given Time.

These are very tough odds…

Why not get all of the leverage that you can?

Subscribing to the monthly interviews in TIPS FOR SELLING A BUSINESS will put you way ahead of other small business owners who are thinking of selling because you will be learning from several people who have already accomplished it.

I encourage you to take advantage of this valuable information while you can! 

There’s no question that the sooner you get this under your belt, the more advantageous your sale will be.

For $7 per month you will receive an interview,
a transcript and an executive summary!

Of course, I think that you’re going to love it. But, if for any reason you don’t,
you can cancel at any time. Get started now for just $7 per month.

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