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How would you like a NEW and better way to make money on the side?

You can have your own Marketplace with a Mission … a website full of fun and useful items for sale.

Not only will you make a whopping commission on every purchase someone makes, but each sale helps to do good in the world.

All the products in this new online marketplace assist an important cause … things like homelessness, sex-trafficking, and joblessness.

That makes it a WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone!

NOTE: DVTD is pronounced Devoted.  What an appropriate name, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the commission?2020-07-16T21:27:25+00:00

The commission is simple and straightforward.

  1. You get a solid 25% of every dollar spent on your site.
  2. If you bring someone into DVTD, you’ll get 7.5% of every dollar spent on their site.
  3. If they bring someone into DVTD, you’ll get 5% of every dollar spent on this site too.

Yes, there are even more ways to make additional money and rewards, so having just these easy and direct payouts is a great way to start. (No complicated formulas, no minimums, no other requirements.)

Do I have to meet a minimum of sales to get paid?2020-07-16T21:27:39+00:00

Nope!  There is no minimum on anything you sell on your site.

If someone buys anything on your site you make money immediately!

Do I have to have people on my team to make money?2020-07-16T21:29:22+00:00

Absolutely not!  There are no people-building requirements to get paid your full commission.

You can do this alone, partner with someone, or build a team of affiliates.  It’s totally up to you.

How is this different from Affiliate Marketing?2020-07-16T21:29:38+00:00

There are many ways DVTD is different from a regular affiliate marketing program.

First, there’s the extremely generous 25% commission. (Plus  the 7.5% and 5% with the multi-tiered opportunity).

Another big differentiator is not having to promote one product at a time. Instead you let people know about an entire shopping platform.

There they find gifts for all occasions and the items they need on a regular basis.  They are motivated to return because they know they are doing good while they’re meeting their own buying needs.

You start earning from the first dollar spent on your site!

There’s no need to deal with a wide variety of networks or product providers.  DVTD handles everything.

All you have to do is promote your own marketplace with a mission … and reap the benefits.

How do we know the company is solid?2020-07-16T21:29:55+00:00

While DVTD itself is a brand new  entity as of August 1, 2020, the company behind it (Premier Designs) has been profitable and debt-free for 35 years.

It has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, which as you may know, is very difficult to achieve.

Is there a fee to be a customer in the marketplace?2020-07-16T21:30:11+00:00

Nope!  There is no charge to be a customer.  You can buy what you need, when you need it.

How much does it cost to be a DVTD Affiliate?2020-07-16T21:30:26+00:00

$95 a year.  That’s all it takes to receive the 25%  commission (and, on top of that, as you bring in more affiliates … the 7.5% commissions + and the 5% commissions).

There are no monthly fees; no additional fees of any type.

Why become an affiliate now?2020-07-16T21:30:40+00:00

To get started with bang when this opportunity goes live, you want to sign up so that you can be fully processed.

You’ll also want to get learn a few of the basics and go through an orientation … so that you can use your new website immediately.

Getting in on the ground floor of something new is always a big advantage … and adventure!

Why do you call this an entrepreneurial venture?2020-07-16T21:30:53+00:00

An entrepreneur typically has to invest a great deal of money to get an operation up and running.

With DVTD, you get your own website (your own marketplace) … done for you.

You’ll have lots of products to sell, without having to invest in inventory, manufacture items or even dropship.

You’ve got the sterling reputation of these hand-selected products … all of whom are associated with world-class causes.

That means you have an opportunity to work at this at your own pace, making money for yourself and helping others.

What products will be available in the marketplace?2020-07-16T21:31:20+00:00

We’ll know all the specifics on August 1st.  But until then, we know some generic categories like home goods, fashion and food … even coffee.

How do I learn more about DVTD?2020-07-16T21:31:53+00:00

The exciting launch of this new marketplace with a mission is August 1st.

If you want to learn more so that you can be at the gate when it starts, we need to connect so that I can answer your questions or put you in touch with one of the high-level executives.

You can send an email … or pick up the phone (313-702-4693) … or text to the same number.

How can I get started?2020-07-16T21:32:09+00:00

If you want to get started, we need to get you in the queue so that you’re all set to go on the launch date of August 1st.

Plus, you want to be on the ground floor and get into the Affiliate-Only part of the virtual rally and launch the end of this month (July).

So we need to connect quickly.  There are things we need to do so that you’ll have your website ready to go and your plans in place in less than a month.

Your choices:

  1. Sign up directly on the Premier Designs / DVTD site here
  2. Send an email to me with info on how I can reach out to you:  kathy@kathyshannoninc.com
  3. Or just pick up the phone and call:  313-702-4693

Contact me…
(313) 702-4693

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