3 Small Business Financing Alternatives to the Paycheck Protection Program

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I found this article by Rick Lazio, a former U.S Representative, now active in the private business sector.   I hope this article will give you something profitable to chat about with your tax accountant.   As the United States has scrambled [...]

3 Ways To Re-Invent Your Company In A Time of Crisis

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Veterans refer to “the fog of war” to describe how difficult decision making can be when you’re on the battlefield with imperfect information.    Sometimes the obvious answer in retrospect is not so apparent when you’re in the throes of [...]

How To Avoid Disappoint- ment When It’s Time To Cash Out

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How do you avoid not being disappointed with the money you make from the sale of your company? Perhaps you’ve heard that companies like your's trade using an industry rule of thumb or that companies of your size sell within [...]